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Morning shower ruined?

Morning shower ruined?

Sometimes the shower drains can be blocked and this will be a nuisance for you and your family as everyone is looking for that perfect morning shower to cheer them up. If you don’t want to face a sullen and stinky family at the breakfast table, you sure got to learn this trick. Or you could simply give a call to plumbers in Baltimore.

The first trick that can come in handy in a situation like this is to manually clear the drain using bleaches and other strong cleaning solutions. Sometimes that is all that will be needed. The other choice is the use of a commercial drain cleaner. You will have a choice when you pick these up at a hardware store. These drain cleaners make your work minimal and make the work very easy. Always look for labels and directions and use safe products. The key is to use the most commonly sold products.

Why Showering Too Much Is Bad For You

So let’s get going and see the tools that we will need to clear that drain of yours. It is better if you have a coat hanger lying somewhere around that you do not use anymore. You should also have a good supply of baking soda, some diluted vinegar and any other strong cleaner that you use. Also keep an old rag with you. The rag should be of an abundant size and prefer using an old towel. Wear your thickest rubber gloves and your safety goggles before you begin the messy work. And never forget your drain cleaner!

Make sure that the room you are working in is well ventilated. Because you do not want to be surrounded in the muck with no air to breathe, it can get really bad.  At any instance of you feel lost feel free to call plumber Baltimore.

The first approach is to use the mechanical method with the rag. Keep creating pressure to get the clog loosened. Then you can move on to solvents. Drain is flooded with solvents. Make sure that you are well protected. If this method fails then proceed to the use of commercial drain clearer. Also remember that the coat hook is very handy when it comes to removing hair tufts and algae stuck in the drain.

Shower Mistakes solution

The best way is to use drain covers while not bathing. This way you will be able to avoid excess dust that enters the drains when the shower is being cleaned or when not in use. Also, make sure that you keep using the solvents regularly or keep unblocking the drain manually so that you never have to encounter a block.

All these techniques are very easy and simple to understand. Once you try them, they will appear simple in the consecutive tries. This way you won’t have a problem ever. And even if you do, plumber Baltimore is always there to help you since plumbers in Baltimore is known especially for their unique customer service.


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