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Common Garbage Disposal Problems and Repairs

1. It is not getting start.

Sometimes people get confuse when their garburator does not turn on. The first thing to do in such situation is to check the power supply of the disposal. If the circuit is supplying power properly then check the small red reset button located underneath the disposal. If the button is popped out, it means the disposal has automatically turned off due to overload and being heated too much. This mostly happens when you forget to turn off the disposal and leave it working for too long or it gets jam due to any reason. Clear the jam and press the button to turn it on. If the button again pops up, it indicates that the jam is still not cleared properly. If the disposal does not get start in spite of all efforts, call Plumber Baltimore.

2. It may jam.

Disposals are designed to grind the remains of food to keep the environment clean. Grinding food particles does not mean that disposal can grind any food stuff. Often disposals get jam due to an attempt of disposing very hard food particles such as corn husk, bones, and avocado seeds. Throwing off hard objects into the disposal like glass, nails, screws, etc can also cause jam. Usually disposals have a small socket hole underneath the motor that allows inserting a small size wrench to reset the masher plate. This can help to unlock the jam. Some disposals do not allow wrench insertion. In such case shut the power off to the disposal and insert the handle of plunger or mop through the top opening and move the masher plate back and forth to unlock the jam and then push the button to restart after turning on the power supply. For severe jams seek out service of the plumbers in Baltimore.

3. It may leak.

If you do not care your disposal properly, it may get leak. If this happens, you must have enough knowledge to handle it. First of all, check drain connection because it is quite possible that the leakage is due to inaccurate drain pipes fitting. If the leakage is due to drain pipes, check the rubber gasket and replace it if needed. In case of new installation, the problem may be in ring near the sink flange. Tight it properly and then check leakage. If the leakage is from the body of the disposal then you may need to replace it. You can get service of Plumber Baltimore to inspect the situation.

Additional Tips

Never put your hands in the disposal to unlock the jams as it can result in severe injuries. Instead use pliers or tongs to handle the problem. For more tips ask plumbers in Baltimore.

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